Pringle Viols

John Pringle
Stringed Instrument Maker
2218 Mount Willing Road
Efland, NC 27243
(919) 563-4118


In 1975 I enrolled in the three-year course in early fretted instrument technology at the London College of Furniture. I had previously taken three years of part-time violin making classes there while pursuing a successful career as a book designer with a large London publishing house. I like to think of my design training, and my schooldays in an 18th century Palladian palace and among the “dreaming spires” of Oxford, as a kind of preparation for my new occupation of instrument building. Both books and instruments have a functional purpose, but also a form that is both essential to and an enhancement of that purpose. I try to create in my instruments first and foremost a tool which will perform to the most exacting requirements of the musician, but which will also please the eye as well as the ear.