Pringle Viols

John Pringle
Stringed Instrument Maker
2218 Mount Willing Road
Efland, NC 27243
(919) 563-4118



While I do not always follow precisely the decoration of an original instrument, I do prefer to use only motifs that "belong" - no heads of Queen Elizabeth or customers! I have a range of male and female heads from the various schools, and lion heads, as well as decorated scrolls of various designs. I have done monograms in purfling on the back, in the style of Barak Norman.

All violin family instruments have single purfling on back and belly, normal scroll, and either maple fingerboard and tailpiece with a single line of purfling or plain ebony veneer included in the basic price. All viols, except student models, have double purfling on the belly, plain back, plain open scroll and fingerboards as for violins.

Other options include:
Double purfling on violins, or on viol backs.
Carved head, with or without decorated back and sides of pegbox.
Purfied motif or ornamental rose on belly below end of fingerboard.
Purfied or painted designs on ribs.
Additional purfling lines or geometric patterns on fingerboard and tailpiece.
Purfling around soundholes.