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Lira da Braccio & Lirone

I am proud to say that I had a hand in the restoration of the lirone to its rightful place on the continuo platform in much early music, and I have been working to have the lira taken equally seriously.

Lira da Braccio

Four models available, from violin to very large viola size, after originals by Gioan Maria, F. Linarolo and Gasparo da Saló. All have five strings on the fingerboard and two drones.


After W.TIEFFENBRUCKER, Venice c. 1560

SL 60.0cm

Festooned body shape and eleven strings with optional two or four drones.
After ANONYMOUS, Italian mid 16th century SL 55.0cm
Viol shaped body and parchment rose in belly. Nine or eleven strings, without drones.