Pringle Viols

John Pringle
Stringed Instrument Maker
2218 Mount Willing Road
Efland, NC 27243
(919) 563-4118


Student Viols

These instruments are built on the same models as my full price consort viols, so they look like real viols even though they are very plain. The sound is very good, and above all they are set up correctly so they are easy to play. They are great beginner's instruments, and at the very attractive price you can even have that missing size you thought you could not afford to own. Materials will vary according to what I have in stock at any time. No special extras on these please.


John Rose Model

SL 36.0cm

TENOR VIOL John Rose Model

SL 55.5cm

BASS VIOL Barak Norman Model

SL 69.0cm