Pringle Viols

John Pringle
Stringed Instrument Maker
2218 Mount Willing Road
Efland, NC 27243
(919) 563-4118


Violins, Violas & Cellos

I offer a wide range of RENAISSANCE and BAROQUE instruments which provide perfect tools for performing 16th and 17th century music, and which are not widely available from other makers, as well as some exceptional CLASSICAL models.


After ANDREA AMATI, Cremona 1564

SL 34.5cm

AfterA.& H. AMATI, Cremona 1623

SL 35.0cm

After NICOLO AMATI, Cremona 1649

SL 35.0cm

After JAKOB STAINER, Absam 1679

SL 35.2cm

After A. STRADIVARI, Cremona 1716

SL 35.6cm


After ANDREA AMATI, Cremona 1574

SL 47.0cm

After GASPARO DA SALO, Brescia c. 1580 SL 44.5cm
After ANDREA GUARNERI, Cremona 1676 SL 42.0cm
After D.A.STADLMANN, Vienna 1725 SL 41.5cm
After A.STRADIVARI, Cremona 1734 SL 41.0cm


After ANONYMOUS, Italian c.1650

SL 80.0cm

This is a great continuo instrument.
After A.STRADIVARI, Cremona 1720

SL 75.5cm

After BENJAMIN BANKS, Salisbury 1776

SL 74.0cm

After JAKOB STAINER, Absam c. 1670 SL 59.0cm
This is a lovely five-string piccolo.